Sri Gangotri Dham

Gangotri , the origin of the River Ganges and seat of the goddess Ganga, situated in Uttarkashi. . The original temple was constructed by the Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa in the early years of 18th century and later rebuilt by the Maharaja of Jaipur. The river is called Bhagirathi at the source and acquires the name Ganga (the Ganges) from Devprayag onwards where it meets the Alaknanda. The origin of the holy river is at Gaumukh, set in the Gangotri Glacier, and is a 19 km trek from Gangotri.

The shrine of Gangotri is situated at an elevation of 3048 m amidst captivating surroundings. Gangotri is located at a distance of 99 km from Uttarkashi is situated on the left bank of Bhagirathi. It is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every year. A number of ashrams are located on the other side, some of which provide accommodation facilities to the visitors.

Gangotri Dham History

According to Indian mythology, After slaying the demons on earth The King Sagar decided to stage an Ashwamedha Yajna as a proclamation of his supremacy. For this, he sent his horse across the earth accompanied by his sons. The horse which was to be taken on an uninterrupted journey around the earth was to be accompanied by the King's 60,000 sons born to Queen Sumati and one son Asamanjas born of the second queen Kesani.

The King of Heaven, Lord Indra feared the power of King Sagar and to stop him, he stole the horse and tied it to the ashram of Sage Kapil , who was then in deep meditation. When the 60,000 sons saw the horse in Kapil's ashram they got furious and started to attack the hermitage. On hearing the disturbance Sage Kapil opened his eyes in anger and all the 60,000 sons of King Sagar had all perished by the curse of sage Kapil, except for prince Asamanjas. Bhagiratha, the grandson of King Sagar, is believed to have meditated to please the Goddess Ganga enough to cleanse the ashes of his ancestors, and liberate their souls, granting them salvation or Moksha.

Main Attraction at Gangotri

Gangotri Temple

Gangotri is the highest temple of Goddess Ganga and one of the four dhams of Uttarakhand state. Gangotri is situated at an altitude of 3,048mts above sea ...


You can proceed to Tapovan and Nandanvan after reaching Gaumukh Glacier. Astounding views of Shivling and other major peaks of the...

Bhairon Ghati

Near the confluence of Jat Ganga and Bhagirathi River lies a scenic Bhairon Ghati. It is located 10kms from Gangotri. The temple of Bhairav Nath is...

Bhagirathi Shila

Bhagirathi Shila is the rock, where King Bhagirath is said to have meditated. This stone near the temple of Ganga signifies the site where ...

Pandav Gufa

The Pandav Gufa can be reached after a trek of 1.5 km from Gangotri. This very site is believed to be the place, where the Pandavas of ...

Gaumukh Glacier

This is considered to be the precise source of the Bhagirathi river later called as river Ganga. The place resembles Cow's ...

Gauri Kund and Surya Kund

Gauri Kund and Surya Kund lie on either side of an iron bridge located half a kilometre ahead of the Gangotri Temple. Surya Kund is known for the Surya Kund waterfalls.

Submerged Shivling

A natural rock Shivling submerged under water is an attractive tourist spot ofGangotri. It can be easily seen when winters are on their way because the...

Important Dates

Yamunotri Temple Kapat will open.

Glad to Inform you this year Yamunotri Temple Kapat/Door will open on 18/04/2018

Gangotri Temple Kapat will open.

Gangotri Temple Kapat opening dates are declare now which is 18/04/2018.

Kedarnath Temple Kapat will open

Kedarnath Temple Kapat opening dates are declare now which is 29/04/2018.

Badarinath Temple Kapat open.

Badarinath Temple Kapat opening dates are declare now which is 30/04/2018.

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